Vasectomy Reversal

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Vasectomy Reversal

Reversal of a vasectomy is a procedure that involves (one way or another) removal or bypassing of the vas deferens occlusion, thus allowing the transport of sperm from the testicle into the urethra.


There are two main techniques to reverse vasectomy:

  1. Vasovasostomy, which involves re-joining the severed ends of the vas deferens 
  2. Vasoepididymostomy (epididymovasostomy) involves making an anastomosis of a single epididymal tubule to the lumen of the vas deferens


Most men feel sore and tender for a few days after the operation and usually experience mild bruising and swelling on or around their scrotum.


It is worthwhile to note that if the reversal is carried out within ten years of your vasectomy, the success rate is about 55%. This falls to 25% if your reversal is carried out more than ten years after vasectomy.