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Thigh Lift

Thigh lift (also known as inner thigh lift or thighplasty) is a cosmetic surgical procedure to remove excess tissue/saddle bags from the upper inner thighs and tighten/ lift tissues from the thighs to the groin. This procedure leaves scars in the groin creases and the inner aspects of the thighs running down to the knees.

This surgery aims to remove the excess hanging tissue from the inner thighs and lift them at the same time. A thigh lift can be ideal for people who have reduced substantial weight and are now suffering from bulgy or saggy skin.

The operation requires a general anaesthetic and may take two to three hours to perform. You will need to be kept under observation after surgery and hence stay at the hospital for 2-3 nights.

Like every surgery, thigh lift carries some surgical risk, such as bleeding, swelling, infection or allergy from anaesthesia. You may feel pain when you wake up from anaesthesia, which can be managed with painkillers/analgesics.