Stereotactic Radiotherapy (SABR)

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Stereotactic Radiotherapy (SABR)

Stereotactic Radiotherapy (SABR) is a non-invasive procedure used to treat tumours affecting the brain, which aims to achieve similar results as surgery. 

Because no surgical incision is required, there is no long healing process, meaning you should be able to continue with your normal activities soon after receiving treatment.

 Treatment is delivered using a specialist radiotherapy machine, which directs high energy x-rays to small, focused areas of the brain. It works by damaging the cancer cells’ DNA (division and growth mechanism), with the aim of preventing the cells from multiplying and dividing, therefore causing the tumour to stop growing, shrink or die.

 Treatment will last up to five days. The procedure itself is completely painless though you are likely to hear a buzzing noise from the machine.