Ovarian Cortex Freezing

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Ovarian Cortex Freezing

Also known as ovarian tissue freezing/cryopreservation is a procedure to store/freeze the ovarian tissue (e.g., cortex that carries immature eggs) to protect future fertility.

The cryogenic freezers work at the lowest temperatures (approx. -170oC) and safely preserve the hormone functions and egg stores in the ovarian tissue.

Ovarian tissue cryopreservation/freezing can be ideal for those females who are on cancer treatments (chemotherapy and or radiotherapy), which can lead to early menopause and hence diminish their ability to have children in the future.

What does the procedure involve?

The ovarian tissue is collected during a keyhole surgery (laparoscopic oophorectomy) under general anaesthesia. Next, the ovary is immediately transported by the tissue band staff to the laboratory, where it is prepared for freezing. The tissue is then stored safely in the tissue bank freezer.

Will this process enhance the risk of premature ovarian failure(menopause)?

No, studies have shown that women born with only one ovary or who have an ovary removed for any medical reason will start menopause at the usual age.

What would happen if I you want to use ovarian tissue in the future?

If you wish to expand your family and have experienced premature ovarian failure (due to cancer treatments), you can use your preserved ovarian tissue, you will first have an appointment to discuss all the important aspects of your ovarian tissue held in the tissue bank. This would involve re-implantation of some of the stored strips of ovarian tissue to restore ovarian hormone function and egg production.


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