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Lower Body Lift

Lower body lift (belt lipectomy) is a surgical cosmetic procedure to remove the excess hanging skin and fat over the lower abdomen and the lower back/flanks and lift the buttocks. This procedure is similar to abdominoplasty, but it will also remove excess tissue at the back and will lift the buttock area at the same time.

This procedure will help improve symptoms related to the excess skin, such as rashes, blistering, and irritation and also improves mobility by removing the heavy hanging tissue, which may aid in exercise and further weight loss.

The operation requires a general anaesthetic and may take three to five hours to perform. You will need to be kept under observation after surgery and hence stay at the hospital for 2-3 nights.

Like every surgery, lower body lift carries some surgical risk, such as bleeding, swelling, infection or allergy from anaesthesia. You may feel pain when you wake up from anaesthesia, which can be managed with painkillers/analgesics.



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