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IVF + Laser Assisted Hatching

Laser-assisted hatching is a technique (used in IVF) in which the developed embryos are assisted to hatch (before the embryo transfer procedure) to enhance their chances of embryo implantation.


What is laser assisted hatching?


A human embryo has a soft outer ‘shell’ called the zona pellucida (or zona for short). When an embryo is 5-6 days old and is at the stage known as a blastocyst, it needs to escape or hatch out of the zona to implant in the womb. If the embryo does not hatch, a pregnancy cannot occur.


Laser-assisted hatching is a technique whereby a small artificial hole is made in the zona of an embryo using a laser so that it can easily hatch through the hole and proceed to implantation.


IVF with laser-assisted hatching can be ideal for those:

  • Patients who may produce embryos in which the zona is thickened or hardened, making it difficult or impossible for the embryo to implant
  •  Patients who have had several embryo transfers without success 
  •  Patients who are older


Are there any risks with laser-assisted hatching?

 There is always some risk of damaging embryos with these types of procedures.



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