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Inlay is one of the dental prosthetic implants which are used for the reconstruction of a tooth damaged by caries or trauma, and they are similar to usual fillings. They are an excellent alternative to crowns for those who prefer a minimally invasive treatment. 

They may be used to restore moderate to large amounts of tooth tissue destruction, where clinically a direct restoration is considered to be unsuitable. Tooth preparation by a dentist is required to remove undercut areas and to create features which prevent the inlay being dislodged from the tooth during mouth function

The best restorative material used in inlays is porcelain. Porcelain inlay fillings are a type of dental filling developed against some of the disadvantages of composite fillings and amalgam fillings, especially aesthetically preferred.

Benefits of Porcelain inlays:

Since the porcelain surfaces are polished (glazed), food residues do not stick and stay hygienic. Bacteria plaque attitude is low. Since it is a porcelain material, there is no coloration over time as it is in composite fillings. It does not cause any decay under the ceramic filling. Especially if antibacterial materials are used as adhesive, the risk of decay is eliminated. Treatment life is longer than composite fillings. Its biological compatibility is better than other filling types. It does not show an allergic reaction. They do not create cracks or fractures in teeth. Depending on the years and usage, there is no wear and breakage in the restoration. In addition to being aesthetic, it can be completed in a short time (in 2 sessions).