Ear Correction Surgeries

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Ear Correction Surgeries

Ear correction procedures, such as pinnaplasty & otoplasty, are cosmetic surgeries that aim to alter the size and reshape and reposition the ears or pin them back if they stick out too far (prominent ears).

The best part about this surgery is that the operation is usually very successful, with 90-95% of patients happy with the outcome.

What does the procedure involve?

This operation involves:

  • Making a small cut behind the ear to expose the ear cartilage
  • Removing small pieces of cartilage if necessary
  • Putting stitches at the back of the ear to reshape or position it closer to the head

The surgery can be performed under general or local anaesthesia (in adults) and usually takes an hour or two.

How long do I have to stay in the hospital after surgery?

Most healthcare settings perform this surgery as a day case without any need for an overnight stay in the hospital, especially if it is done under local anaesthesia. If surgery is late afternoon or evening, a one-night stay is reasonable.