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Dental Implants

Dental implants are a fixed alternative to removable dentures. You can use implants to replace just a single tooth or several teeth. Dental implants are now relatively easy and look structurally identical to their natural counterparts, provided you have them installed by skilled dentists. They work just like natural teeth, fixed in place, with no need to remove them to clean them. However, this dental procedure is only possible if supporting teeth on either side can still be used.

A dental implant-supported tooth is made of three parts: the dental implant; the crown; and the abutment. The dental implant is the screw tooth that copies a tooth root. It is placed inside the jawbone and supports the overlying abutment and crown.


Frequently Asked Questions on Dental Implants

After deciding on the implant to be placed in the bone and taking bone measurements, the screw part of the implant is placed in the bone and left to heal in the bone during the first appointment. Approximately 8-12 weeks later, measurements are taken for the crown structure that will be placed on the implant and the implant treatment is completely finished in 3-5 business days.

Almost all of our patients have this kind of thought until they undergo implant treatments. Under local anesthesia, the treatments that are completely painless within very short periods will break your prejudice. We experience very comfortable treatments with today’s technology.

Although implant treatment may seem expensive, when we examine it in detail and consider the lifetime guarantee, it becomes a very reasonable treatment.

Implant treatments are as comfortable as treatments that you can continue your daily life the next day. After approximately a 30-60 minute operation, you can continue your life. Implants are under lifetime guarantee. The implants we use are guaranteed and internationally certified.

The important point here is not the country of origin but rather the brand the clinic has been working with for how long and the guarantee it will give you. Because in addition to the screw part, various materials are needed in the coating stage, we offer very reliable treatments thanks to the procurement of these materials by our clinic, fast processing time, and guaranteed operation promise.

This is a question that all of our patients are curious about.

In today’s technology, the procedures have been greatly simplified. Our patient can get up from the chair and continue their life in about 5-10 minutes after local anesthesia is applied for tooth extraction for a single implant.

We can divide implants into several categories. The first one is a very luxurious vehicle, the second is not very luxurious but offers a very reassuring price-performance vehicle, and the third is a vehicle that you cannot choose.

Unfortunately, in our country, there are many brands of implants that are equivalent to the ones you would not choose, without any R&D investment, disregarding long-term success. What the patient needs in this regard is the assurance given by the clinic, the brand’s popularity and the company’s history.

In our clinic, brands of implants belonging to the first and second categories are applied.

The application of the implant takes 10 minutes. Then a biochemical process begins between the implant and the bone surface. This is called osseointegration period. In today’s techniques, this period generally takes between 10-16 weeks. During this period, the patient’s treatment continues passively; after the primary healing period is over, the patient’s approximate 10-14 day prosthetic treatment begins.

Dental Implant Prices

We listed the starting prices for a single dental implant across a number of European countries and US. These prices are not fixed and may vary from clinic to clinic. Call us to have a non-binding consultation to learn more on treatments and international packages.

Eton Medical Dental Implant Prices
CountryPrice (€)
Turkey€ 500
Croatia€ 700
Hungary€ 1,100
Poland€ 1,100
Germany€ 1,700
United Kingdom€ 2,200
United States€ 2,950

Why Choose Eton Medical ?

Our mission is to connect patients with high-quality and affordable overseas clinics and we always put the needs of patients first before anything else. Our network of well-established and accredited  clinics at home and overseas can make a big difference in your dental treatment journey to find the personalised treatment plan, and this is why Eton Medical exist.

✔ 100% free, non-binding assessment: We provide initial non-binding consultation regardless of your decision, and share our best of knowledge and experience in dentistry treatments overseas and abroad.

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✔ All-inclusive treatment packages: Most of well-established clinics abroad offer all-inclusive packages that cover accommodation, airport pick-up, and transfers to and from the clinic. In some cases, they might also cover your flights.