Dental Bridge Prosthesis

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Dental Bridge Prosthesis

A bridge is a fixed replacement for a missing tooth or teeth. It’s made by taking an impression of the surrounding teeth, which will eventually support the bridge. 

A bridge is usually created from precious metal and porcelain and will be fixed in your mouth (unlike dentures, which can be removed).


What does the process involve?

Preparation involves recontouring the teeth by removing a portion of enamel to allow room for a crown to be placed over them. Next, impressions of the teeth are made, which serve as a model from which the bridge will be made by a dental lab.


Is the procedure painful?

Putting the dental bridge in your mouth is relatively easy and pain-free. Before the procedure, your dentist will use a numbing agent to prevent you from feeling any pain during the procedure. Once you are numb, your dentist will start the procedure.


How long does the dental bridge prosthesis last?

Fixed bridges come with excellent durability and aesthetics, but their success is also dependent on the overall condition of your mouth and other teeth, good home dental care and professional maintenance.