Aesthetic Tooth Fillings

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Aesthetic Tooth Fillings

Aesthetic filling or composite filling as it is used in dentistry is the name given to fillings that are adjusted according to the original tooth colour of the patient and therefore cannot be visually distinguished from natural tooth enamel.

 These fillings are designed by a specialist dentist to be in the form of natural teeth in shape and colour. It is aimed that the filling colour is exactly compatible with the tooth colour of the person, the filling borders are not clear, and thus, the filling is not visible to the naked eye when viewed from the outside.

A composite filling, which is popularly called white filling, is filled in the teeth when it is in dough consistency and hardened by irradiation with halogen or LED light. Since it is chemically bonded to the tooth tissue, it is extremely resistant to pressure and abrasion. Composite fillings are not only used for filling but also to correct aesthetic defects in teeth.

However, aesthetic fillings can be discoloured and stained as a result of the use of substances such as tea, coffee, cola, and cigarettes, which have the property of staining the teeth. For this reason, if you have had aesthetic fillings, you should stay away from substances that have the property of staining such teeth. Especially if you have fillings in the front teeth, the colour change will cause an unpleasant appearance. The first 48 hours after the filling process is the most sensitive period to colour change and it is more important to stay away from the related substances, especially during this period.