Basic check-up

Basic Check Up

Regular complete physical examination is recommended for everybody, irrespective of age and health state, but those of elderly age, and persons engaged in hazardous occupations, as well as those with pernicious habits shall pass mandatory annual medical examinations.

Complete diagnostics of the body offered at our clinics is based on strict scientific approach and complies with the current world standards. Whole body examination includes the initial physical examination, cardiac examination, X-ray imaging, biochemical analyses, blood lipids analysis, thyroid gland examination, renal and liver function test, and diabetes mellitus test. Check-up programs developed in our clinic allows to get a complete picture of the patient’s health, assess all possible implicit threats, and refer the patient to prophylactic procedures or treatment.

This program, to the full extent, can be considered as prophylactic, because it is aimed for prevention of transition of disease to chronic stages, determination of the body predisposition to some other diseases, and prevent their occurrence Biochemical analyses is one of the important components of the complete physical examination.

Haemogram allows determination of blood hemoglobulin, red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets count. Urine analysis reveals equally important indicators: bilirubin, urobilinogen, nitrites, as well as determines the epithelium cells, red blood cells, white blood cells and bacteria in the urinary sediment.